Geek E-Peens/Another Rant

People get way too hardcore about their geekdom (especially since geek is just sooooo chic now…) with comic books and the like, and they get super into looking down on people who weren’t into comics when they were younger, or because of something else but are interested now. (In my case I wasn’t allowed to have them until I was a teenager because of ‘violence.’ Hippie mommy’ heart emoticon I’d just read my friend’s in grade school. :-p)

Maybe they got curious about the comics because they liked the movies? I’m betting that’s what the Marvel and DC peeps are trying to do. They’re a business first you know, or did you forget that? They make money off of you being a dick with your hardcore mindset. The comic accessories are awesome and everything but I think hardcore people are much more likely to collect over priced fun stuff.

And honestly? Half the point of these films is to create NEW fans. If you create NEW fans you make MORE money. You can still be a fan without reading the comic books. Most of the movies are awesome and yet hard core fans act like you’re not “allowed” to like the characters unless you’re just like them. You know, like those goth kids from South Park. Congrats, you’re the “non-conformists” of the gamer world. Silly billies.

It’s all this big e-dick shit that I can’t stand. It’s the “hipster” thing that is ruining any sort of geek thing these people get involved in. They act like if you don’t consume everything about a said geek thing then you’re not allowed to be a fan. That’s stupid as shit and doesn’t make anyone look awesome. It just makes you look like a dick with all this “I was a fan before it was cool” BS. People who are real fans don’t feel the need to criticize others who aren’t as “hardcore” as they are. They have nothing to do with what you love. Do you need to be top dog to feel good about yourself? I think these people were either the bullies in high school or the ones who got bullied in high school. Which one are you?

Who cares anyway? It’s like being a LOTR fan. The movies are so good you can still be into it, even if you don’t like to read. Some people honestly don’t even like to read, but they can still be a fan via the cartoons and movies. I hadn’t read Dead Pool, but now I want to because of the movie. See? They are capitalizing off of me becoming a new fan because of the movie. $$ mission accomplished.**

Geek-dicks need to be put away. No one gives a shit about your preconceived notions of fandom and how you are “magically” at its center.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t bother with comics or books that were made into movie(s) (You’re really missing out if you don’t read the Hobbit/ LOTR books btw)

The heart and soul are usually found in the comics and books, which is what people with small e-dick problems harp about (and I get that, but it’s stupid and needlessly rude to be dicks to people about it) and obviously not all the parts in the books/comics will make it into the movie, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy something for what it is. My favorite chapter in Return of the King didn’t get added (18th chapter. “The Scouring of the Shire”) but you don’t see me saying the movies sucked.

Why can’t someone be a NEW fan? I’m a new fan of Dead Pool and I want to learn more! I’m curious! Am I poser because I want to learn more about it? Oh you silly goth kids.

Who are YOU to say what someone can and cannot like? Who are YOU to expect us to follow your standards? Who are YOU and why should we care about your opinionated “I was a nerd before it was cool” BS with stuff like comics/movies/table top games/video games/never losing your virginity?

Okay, rant done.


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