America’s gender gap is 28th in the world…

For people saying there isn’t a gender gap problem in this country…

Suck a dick and then read this:…/ireland-ranks-5th-when-it-comes…

This is from 11/2015 so… it’s fucking relevant. Let me break it down for you:

The USA, you know, that 1st world country where all the women haters are accusing feminists of being man haters and that there ISN’T a problem…read on and check your privilege. I know, I know, it’s a super annoying way to say it. Sorry. Kinda.

Even so, all “checking your privilege” means is acknowledging that some things are still unfair in this country. It doesn’t mean white, heterosexual males are bad, it means we need your help to change things. WE OURSELVES can start the change, but we need you to stand with us. We need your alliance so we can change the irony that is America for future generations and make things better for EVERYONE.

Dads, how do you feel about your little girl growing up to be doomed to be one step behind men, no matter how hard she works? Do you want her to have less opportunities than your son? If the answer is no, then you know the country needs to change.

We’re 28th in the God damn world, and these are the countries that are beating us…the country that misleads us into believing we are the most free of them all…

1 Iceland
2 Norway
3 Finland
4 Sweden
5 Ireland
6 Rwanda
7 Philippines
8 Switzerland
9 Slovenia
10 New Zealand
11 Germany
12 Nicaragua
13 Netherlands
14 Denmark
15 France
16 Namibia
17 South Africa
18 United Kingdom
19 Belgium
20 Latvia
21 Estonia
22 Bolivia
23 Burundi
24 Barbados
25 Spain
26 Moldova
27 Mozambique
And coming in, in 28th place…THE UNITED STATES OF A-GOD-DAMN-MERICA!!!!

The USA has the illusion of freedom, not actual freedom. Politicians tell you you’re free and children’s schools tell you that you are free, but you’re not. They trick you to inspire loyalty; to make you believe that despite all the problems America is the best place to be.There IS no by the people for the people. There is only the electoral vote. There is only lobbying. That dictates how the rest of us live and act.

Is America the worst place in the world? No, far from it.That doesn’t mean America can’t be improved upon. If Americans really care about freedom then we need to realize the path to freedom is convoluted at best, but we all need to move towards a common goal. Together. We make a better ally than an enemy.

So American women will be paid less, and find themselves living a double standard life, all the while being offered less opportunities than our male counter parts. Women and minorities will continue to be under represented, and disrespected by those in power. Smart men and women will make their arguments and stupid men and women will make theirs. There will still be a stalemate.

Have things changed for the better with women over time in America? Yes. Is there still a huge problem? Yes. Are all men sexist? No. Are there enough sexist men out there that sandbag us every step of the way? Yes. Are all white people bad? Far from it. Are there enough racist white people that equal rights still needs to be fought over? Definitely.

Some feminists get too angry to make a good argument and it just antagonizes the misogyny-loving fuckwits, but we have to keep our emotions in check ladies. It only hurts us in the end.

But women won’t achieve this alone, we can’t, we have to change the mindset of the culture before true freedom is achieved. We can start it, but we’ll need to show the country that not only do we deserve the same treatment, but other men have seen it and know it too.The more men we have on our side the better.

Despite all the women fighting to end victim-hood, we also need the help of non-sexist men. It is those men that will help change the minds of a generation of men, and a generation of penis-whipped women that have fooled themselves into believing what the sexists say about them. Which is abuse.

If you want America to be truly “great again” (another irony) then you need our help. You need our intellect, you need our fortitude and you need our perseverance. You need many things about us.

However, we need those of you who we have convinced to help us, convince the more prickly fellows in power.
We need your help as much as you need ours.
Help us so we can help you.


4 thoughts on “America’s gender gap is 28th in the world…

  1. I stand with my women friends. Just say what is needed. ❤

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