The fate of all cultures is death.

Going back, and back and back will show you that our ancestors were from various ancient cultures — All of which died out.

Eventually their descendants were born into/assimilated into newer cultures that sprouted from the ashes of the old.

Is that tragedy or the simple, inevitable, metamorphosis of humankind? We continually make and remake ourselves. Each time we are willing to die for what we’ve created.

Some of them didn’t leave anything more than hieroglyphs, ambiguous statues or painted pottery. Their very names forgotten. New names have been given to them. What would they think about that? Indifference? Anger? Sorrow? Humor?

All of our ancestors were not even from the very lands that are now considered their native countries.

We’ve incorporated the soul of the land into our own souls until we believe, or rather KNOW, that there is a spiritual union between the two. We call that feeling “home.”

Humans are always moving. Always changing. Always living. Always dying. We’re chaos incarnate and the rise and fall of our cultures show that. Our very human trait of adaptability proves it.

Cultures have died out from natural disasters, invasions, disease, civil war and so on. The cultures died but their children presumably lived on to become members of a new culture.

We are those children. Our ancestors were some of the few survivors from whatever lead to the fall of their civilization. That’s amazing to me. It makes me proud of my ancestors.

Is it the fate for all cultures to be eventually replaced? What will replace my 21st century American culture?

Is our concept of culture as wild and tumultuous as the earth we live upon? Is the continual death and rebirth of humanity a reflection of the continual rebirth of Earth?

What are your thoughts?

One thought on “The fate of all cultures is death.

  1. I believe we will eventually, say, in 200-300 years,meld into a strongly unified global culture, that has taken the best of various cultures and discarded the negative elements.

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