Women against feminism

Women who are against feminism are free to do so — Thousands of women have fought, and sometimes died, for your right to do so. I’m talking the world over, not just here in the USA.

Feminism is about choice, it’s a shame you’re against that for yourself and your daughters, and not the –individuals– who put a bad taste for it in your mouth. However, part of being given a voice is the freedom to go counter to what others want. It infuriates me as a progressive person, but a choice is a choice. I don’t HAVE to like it. They don’t HAVE to like mine.

Sometimes they are even manipulated into hating their own gender by sexist partners. Keeping a man who is against feminism is completely detrimental to society. Only bother with men whose minds aren’t stuck in the Stone Age. They aren’t hard to find. The women who are against feminism almost always seem to have a sexist partner. Brain washed. You have to be smarter than that, come on!

Not being able to distinguish individuals from the movement is half the problem. Just because a lot of women can’t keep their fury in check when it comes to our rights doesn’t mean the movement is largely defunct or a hate group. The angry women who aggressively pontificate don’t represent the movement, only themselves.

It might be a bit of a stretch, but I feel that it is similar to people who hate the military, and that they are free to do so because soldiers have fought and died for a citizen’s right to protest. (Obviously going to war is the bigger sacrifice of the two, but still a valid comparison IMO)

It’s disrespectful as shit, and mildly evil, but you have that right because of both of them. Hate if you must, but acknowledge your disrespect for the unsung heroes who have given you a future.


One thought on “Women against feminism

  1. This is the irony. Also, those who argue against rights, are the first to scream and yell, when THEIR rights are violated.

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