“Transgenders are going to rape people in the bathrooms! Derp!”

So, you’ve chosen to “feel” a way about a sexuality you haven’t bothered to try and understand. You’ve made zero effort to actually research what you’re uncomfortable with. It’s too “strange” for you and you reject it.

From what I’ve read people haven’t tried to put how transgender people feel above their own feelings. You care more about your own thoughts that you do about the feelings of transgenders, who basically have been told to use what equates to the “black only bathrooms ver 2.0”

You’re free to make your own decisions, but before you discriminate without thinking, look stuff up. Speak to transgender people. Talk to actual rape victims, they’re very easy to find. 1/6 of us are. Start counting and start deducing. Learn. Knowledge will always give you more strength than emotions, or even your religion. Knowledge will give you the tools you need to make the RIGHT decision. Emotions and religion (I don’t argue the authenticity, just that people blindly follow what their church or whatever tells them) muddy the waters. Facebook exists, find transgenders, ask them questions. Realize they are normal people. There shouldn’t even be a “they,” it’s a “we.” We’re all American. We are all human. That’s the only thing that should matter in this situation.

You’re talking to a rape victim right now, and I’m not scared of them! I’m realistic, not terrified senseless of something I don’t understand. I haven’t let my experience turn me crazy against anything with a penis out of my fear. I have a basic understanding of psychology, and most people should. I’m not going to take individuality away from males just because one guy was a monster.

I get your concern is about a straight man pretending to be transgender, but that means nothing, absolutely nothing. If a man plans to rape a stranger, he stalks. He waits…and he waits some more…He waits until she’s alone.Then he attacks.

DO understand that being transgender isn’t something someone can help, and that it’s not bad in the slightest, just different. Transgender doesn’t mean you are gay, even though you were born as the same sex you’re attracted to. If you self identify as a straight woman, then having a relationship with a straight man isn’t homosexual to them and it’s about how THEY feel, not you. You’re not even part of it! It’s not about you! It’s about how THEY feel, not about how everyone else feels! Why can’t people get that? Not everything is about you!

The point is, if a guy wanted to rape a woman in the bathroom, he and his gender identification or whatever restroom he gets to use won’t influence that. It’s only an unlocked door. A predator is a predator. There isn’t some magical barrier.

Target bathrooms are frequently located near the front of the store, right between are the guest services counter and pharmacy. They could easily hear shouts or whatever. There are cameras that are pointed towards the bathroom door (leading into the bathroom itself) and there is a person whose entire job is to monitor those cameras. I work there.

He would walkie a code phrase about possible guest danger and give the location, there are several people who have sets of keys to everything in Target, if one of the Targets actually does have a lockable front bathroom door. My Target doesn’t even have a bathroom front door that locks, can’t speak for the others. I wouldn’t worry about Target.

You should look up American rape statistics. I doubt this will be taken seriously, but in the event we can be adult about this, I can help:

Every 107 seconds an American, regardless of gender, is sexually assaulted. About 293,000 cases of sexual assault are reported a YEAR in the USA alone. Those are the reported ones. Most don’t report it. Most rapists don’t see any jail/prison time. They get to do it again.

Imagine around the world and in countries where women don’t have rights. In America 4/5 victims knew their attacker. 47% actually considered their attacker a friend beforehand. Almost all of them heterosexual, typically white males.

Women get raped in public restrooms all the time, by men, dressed as men. The ones that identified as the gender they were born with. You are at a greater risk of being raped by a guy in jeans and t-shirt. They waltz right in, take what they want and then waltz right back out. They do it all the time.

Have you considered that if a transgender person were in a bathroom during an attack it might actually be a blessing? What if a guy fucked with you and the transgender person was able to fend them off for you because they naturally have greater strength because of their born-gender? You’d be glad to have them around then.

If you’re really that concerned for your daughter’s safety. If you were even afraid of who might be lurking in the public bathroom before, you wouldn’t allow your daughters to go into a public restroom at all, or at least go in with them. You should be more afraid of men who identify as men than transgender people. They are a bigger threat to your daughters. But individuality right? Too bad transgenders don’t get to have that.

One thought on ““Transgenders are going to rape people in the bathrooms! Derp!”

  1. I went in public restrooms with my son, until he was 12. I would advise every parent to do the same. Real transgender people just want to do their business and leave, like 99.8 % of the population.

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