Celebrities against fat shaming, fat shaming.

**To make this clear, I am not directing this towards all fit people, 99% of it to famous hot people. This is more towards the wealthy that can afford to live the lives these people do, at least to an extent. I feel that the middle/lower class people with healthy bodies are the real inspiration…not famous people.

I feel that eating healthy/exercising can frequently be connected to how wealthy someone is and what sort of exercise they can afford and what sort of food they have access to.

So we have a few celebrities out there that are openly protesting “fat shaming”/eating disorders, but then show off their abs or skinny beach bodies in the same breath (Hillary Duff on Twitter is the newest I’ve seen, but Vin Diesel too) to bring AWARENESS to fat shaming…you’re the ones fat shaming, idiots.

I’ve seen your pictures from fat to skinny-ish to hot, (I’ve seen A LOT of photoshopped ones though, so who knows?) but showing off your bodies NOW isn’t the inspiration you mean it to be. I’ve googled your fat/too skinny pictures, but it’s still not the same.

You’re not the same as us. You’ve made sure of that. Don’t act like you are. I’m not saying that out of bitterness or jealousy, but out of practicality and their own choices/fortune. Show someone that makes less that $1k/mo when 3/4 of their paycheck goes to rent ALONE how to look like you. Please show me because the world is telling me 123lbs is way too fat. See how fucking stupid that is?

Going from fat to skinny or from too skinny to “normal weight for your size” is a great achievement, and I really do admire that, but let’s be realistic: You have the time and money to devote to devote to such goals. Instead, why don’t you set up free programs for eating disorders if you care that much about it. Help them get affordable or free psychological help, help them afford to eat healthy foods. Unhealthy weight gain or loss is frequently attributed to your psychological healthy (duh)

I’ve had model friends in the past, they didn’t have job outside of photo shoots and the rest of that time was spent working out at a gym and following their PERSONAL Trainer’s advice. I’d look stellar too if I could do that. I’m happy for them as people, but resentful (towards society) that it’s not a reality for myself and many others.

You can’t say how horrible it is to make fun of people’s bodies and then show off your carefully sculpted CELEBRITY bodies. If you’re really against fat shaming put on some clothes and ONLY share pictures of you when you were anorexic or weighed 300 lbs.

Show people your journey, not the end result. We already know the end result, we’ve seen your shit. Showing off a hot body isn’t inspirational, it’s crushing. Also, Photoshop exists. Probably 99% of us will never see these people in person. We have to take the photo’s “word” for it.

It’s the media’s vastly unrealistic standards of beauty that are giving us most of the psychological eating disorders after all. If you spent ten years casting people that didn’t look like gods in overly attractive roles maybe the world would become more realistic so far as accepted forms of beauty. Perhaps would become…dare I say it…realistic?

That was one of the (many) reasons I LOVED Deadpool. They looked like real, healthy women. They were allowed to be curvy. They were gorgeous, with or without long hair. (I feel that the teen was absolutely beautiful, even when the world was saying she “looked like a lesbian” as if they aren’t allowed to be beautiful too.) They actually looked like women who could take care of themselves in a fight. Ever see female UFC fighters? They don’t look like hot female action stars, who probably couldn’t take a real punch, God forbid it to happen to them.

I bet we’d all look great if we could afford to devote your money/personal time/energy to work out with their personal trainer for five hours a day because it’s their fucking JOB to be attractive and then have enough money to only buy special foods…fuck you guys for expecting that from the rest of us.

I don’t eat foods with chemicals in them by choice. I eat them to stay alive. $3.00 for fruit/veggies is not disposable income to me. $3.00 HAS to last me longer than that or I’ll go hungry. When I get the chance to eat organic shit I feel like it’s fucking Thanksgiving, a lot of people feel that way. I am by no means a minority in this.

A god/goddess body will NEVER be reality for the majority of people. I find that a lot of people who are super into exercise can’t get their head around people that don’t. It’s mildly offensive because they can’t understand the exhaustion people feel everyday from being “lower class.” The whole incapability of walking in someone else’s shoes is offensive. I don’t know if they can even imagine it unless they came from it themselves.

“Just do this instead” well…work my job, live my life, live off my money and live with my epilepsy before you tell me what I can “just” do or give up. Live the lives of others who have it worse than me and tell them what they can just give up or start doing to look like you. To me, that sounds similar to a God complex.

Not a whole lot of us can really devote the energy to our bodies, which ideally, we all should. It’s very important, and I won’t say it’s not. It’s VITAL, one of the most important things you can do for yourself. However, for MANY of us that’s impossible. Not everyone fits the same standard. Most of us can’t.

Most of us can’t afford to do ALL of those things. Almost everyone can exercise a little bit at the very least, but not to the same extent. You can run around the block a few times, lift the milk jug over your head x30 and pretend it’s some sort of ghetto weight and stay away from fast food and you STILL wouldn’t look like them. It’s unrealistic. If people struggle to pay for gas, how is the cost of a personal trainer realistic? It’s what celebrities have. It’s why they look better than just skinny people. Tell us how much you spend in exercise shit and food a month. I bet it’s more than most of us make in a month total. What about the people who have physical injuries and can’t handle the same intensity as you and get the same results? You can’t.

Only people with a lot of energy, a decent amount of money and time on their hands can do that. Why do you think it’s so easy for young single people? They get to work on advertising their bodies for a mate, it’s a priority if they want one. They’re driven. A lot of them have the money to afford a regimen. Why do you think a lot of couples and/or parents find themselves getting out of shape?

It’s even harder if you’re a parent of a small child and have to spend all of your time with them. Why do you think it’s frequently the people with money that can afford to dedicate time to THEMSELVES? I don’t mean rich, rich. Just anyone above lower-middle class and below. The best the rest of us get are hobbies to give us some of our stolen selves back.

Stolen by the “real world” of working for little, paying for much and being expected to afford almost everything or else we’re not trying hard enough. Why do you think all the cheap food is full of chemicals and other bad shit? Why do you think so many people have obesity struggles? I feel that finances are frequently a direct link to how healthy people are. It’s totally true, look at the world.

Eating healthy is expensive for people like me, though I dream of it. I can’t afford to eat organic food AND pay rent, let alone pay for a personal trainer OR have the energy after spending eight hours on my feet lifting shit at work or even exercise in general on most days. No, working like that doesn’t count for much in terms of exercise, though it’s better than nothing. I go home and usually pass out from “exhaustion” for up to five hours. Then it’s night time and I have other stuff to do. I’m almost always mentally exhausted from just living with epilepsy. How would you handle this so much better than me with no money?

Your beauty is not practical for the rest of us who have to live by REAL financial standards.


One thought on “Celebrities against fat shaming, fat shaming.

  1. It’s nice, for those who have money and means, to be in the stratosphere. Rubbing the noses of those who don’t have them, in a bucket of shit, is never the answer. Love people where they are, and just maybe they will have the incentive to move forward- one baby step at a time. Hang in there, Saoirse!

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