Oklahoma has made abortion a felony…


Too bad her mom didn’t abort her.
Flame me. Attack me. I’m done pretending. I’m ready for it. Do it. I expect that sort of immaturity from this group. Prove me right. I have a feeling of who is going to attack me anyway, and know going in that your opinion holds zero weight with me and that you’re presence on my Facebook is tolerated because I KNOW you’re not a COMPLETE shithead. You know who you are and you already resent me, but don’t care to talk to me OUTSIDE of criticizing me for thinking differently than you. Now the shoe is on the other foot. Deal with it or hide. Or, OR prove you’re a fucking human being and think about all the hypocrisies in the group you have CHOSEN to ally yourself with. You’re with the party that doesn’t give a shit about the environment, poor people, education, public safety, religious persecution (so long as it isn’t theirs) and YOU want to ally yourself with them instead of with people who actually CARE about all those things? What sort of person could you possibly be to identify with the RESTRICTION of freedom? The republican party lacks the ability to see outside of themselves. You can choose to take that as literally all republicans or just the “elected” officials. I don’t care which. It’s all becoming the same to me. It took me a LONG time to get here, understand that.

Okay, I’m fucking done. Just done. I’m done being tolerant and I’m done pretending there is a grey middle ground. I fucking hate republicans. I really, really, try not to. I try to be tolerant. I try to continually tell myself “they aren’t all that way” to give them some shred of humanity but…just look at this mega-bullshit. They’re against everything Americans are supposed to stand for. They aren’t Americans. They’re something else. They’re something horrible. As I said, I’m really tired of being tolerant, and I DO have some good friends that SELF-IDENTIFY as republicans, and that’s unfortunate…I just can’t deal with the politics anymore. If you want to endure me after this, fine, but don’t shove this shit down my throat anymore. You’ve been warned. Don’t like my shit? You know where the unfriend button is. Good riddance. Don’t even tell me, I can find out this shit on my own. Cower out. It will be a sting of sorrow, but we’ll both be better off.

Why does it seem like republicans are totally against the separation of church and state, regardless of what they say? As long as it’s THEIR religion they’re good. They’d suddenly be against it if there wasn’t a separation of mosque and state. They only care about money and “Americana.” They turn on anyone who doesn’t agree with them. You’re about to prove me right, remember? I’m taunting you fucks, btw. Don’t give in. You’re better than me, remember? They’ll turn us into Europe during the Dark Age/Renaissance. They’re against rights for others so long as they get to continue having literally whatever rights they want at the expense of literally every other living thing on the planet. They are the most selfish of the selfish. They only care about their personal lives and money and pretend that is good ol’ American morality. What American morality? Look at our SHORT AND BLOODY HISTORY. We don’t have one. Not more than any other country at least. How long until someone shoots up a Target? I bet they’ll be a red. How long until another Planned Parenthood is shot up? I bet it will be a red. It’s republican extremists that tend to, but not always, shoot up places. They support rape by consistently blaming the victim for what happened to them. (See below)

Think about the history of these people! For every sane republican there are many, many, many others, (to the point where it creates the vast majority IMO) of republicans that are consistently against equal rights for women, other races and sexual orientation. They are consistently against any REAL freedom and I’m done pretending to be tolerant, I don’t care if it is your state culture or family culture. You cling to that and deny it to others because they are different than you. If you could just be TOLERANT I’d leave your shit alone as you’d ideally leave my shit alone. ANYONE who is against abortion straight up doesn’t understand it and are defensive because they know they don’t. If they go to religion immediately, you know they’re full of shit. No one LIKES abortion. No one is going to be HAPPY to have one. Fucking read a book that isn’t the bible. You’ll learn that at the stages the vast, vast, vast majority are performed (later is almost always to save the mother’s life) before it can even be called human. It will tell you that it isn’t anything more than a collection of cells. No bigger than the tip of a pin. It doesn’t have a soul, it’s not even considered human yet. America, you have disappointed


One thought on “Oklahoma has made abortion a felony…

  1. Having an abortion should not be cause for being jailed, period.

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