Is racism changing, or is it just wearing a different mask?

You have to admit that the Obama administration (whatever you think of his politics) has taken pains to bring more racism to light. Despite “nothing changing” I think it has, just not in the way people expected. People are more AWARE than they have been. You gotta forgive a lot of white people their naivety. I used to be one of those. They don’t understand. Yet. I hadn’t seen it so I thought it had largely petered out. Then I got older and realized there was still a major problem and EVERYONE needed to fight it.

Keep in mind a lot of the naive ones almost never interact with a “minority” that isn’t Latino (which now out number whites in my state, CA, so the term isn’t even valid anymore) unless they live in a very mixed area (like the South) and probably don’t even realize they’re being offensive, and some may be curious since they don’t have a chance to interact with a lot of different sorts of people and are more interested in them when they notice them. They may not have hatred in their hearts, but they may not realize that they’re staring or not realize their “ask a black person” question may not be appreciated either. Many, by “no choice” of their own, live mostly with whites because they’re the majority still. It just so happens to be within their price range.

Give it 30-50 years, I predict that whites will be second by then, which is probably a good thing. I predict that people who self identify as Latino-American will be tops. What I call “sub-cultures” mainly exist in the home anyway and takes an honest effort to preserve because natural assimilation will happen with their kids. (As in we’re American first but we hang onto our ancestry, like I do with Ireland.)

I honestly don’t care either way (racial percentages) so long as we all have REAL equal opportunities in EVERYTHING, but we all know that almost nothing is ever 100%. Lets start off working towards 90% first.

More pressure is put on people to be fair. Racists are crucified in the media, but the law still screws non-whites and females on an hourly basis. People have more moral allies than before. We have millions, but that’s not enough. We need billions to change the country, and our world.

It’s not anywhere near equal, but it’s on it’s way. What we need is an alliance of the majority (white men) to convince the racists and sexists that their way of viewing things is not only wrong, but archaic as well. As a similar example, women need non-sexist men as allies so they can change the minds of other men instead of thinking all men are evil. I think it applies to other groups too. You can start the change, but you can only finish it if you change their minds and you need the changed ones to do that at all.

I listen to both sides (of anything) and think that in the middle you’ll find most of the truth. Embellishment is human nature, sadly, and I think most of us do it without realizing it. Looking at the areas of grey helps you see more variation. Obviously history is more convoluted, especially since it’s written by the winners.

People are STILL trying to figure out the true “savagery” of the people the Romans conquered, particularly the Celts. Their stereotype, between 2-1k years old, still persists because it was regarded as fact. Archaeological evidence is starting to prove them wrong. If you look for patterns you’ll see Africans and indigenous peoples of the Americas got nearly the exact same stereotype from the Spanish and English. A stereotype once used against their ancestors by the Romans. History sure does repeat itself.

Certain white groups get it too though. Especially in the 19th century. Look up “No Irish Need Apply” stuff. They got to run that stuff in the news papers for a loooong time. Check out the political cartoons. They were called “white n-words” and competed for the same jobs as African-Americans. At least we got tap dancing out of it.

The Irish and African Americans were regarded as the same in a country that despised them both. Italians, Polish and Romanians got it (and the latter two still get it sometimes) and even being Catholic (despite being protected by law) was looked down upon. Rights were only for white PROTESTANT men. But only if they were descended from parts of England, parts of Scotland (Protestant) and upper class Northern Ireland (also Protestant)

The difference between us though, is that within two generations we can assimilate. Ask a white person what they are and they’ll likely rattle off at least five different Caucasian groups, but they’re culturally irrelevant for the most part. “Oh, I’m Irish, English, German, Italian and I think Scandinavian. Oh, and I’m Native American…my ancestor was a chief/medicine woman!” (Hey, no, Blondie McBlueyes, you’re probably not.) I know you know what I’m talking about lol.


One thought on “Is racism changing, or is it just wearing a different mask?

  1. This is an excellent analysis. Slavery, dissembling and an “Us/Them” dichotomy are all tools used by the dominant class- and have little or nothing to do with white domination- on a world-wide basis. I have seen Indigenous islanders in Korea get denied bus ridership, because they are different from ethnic Koreans. Bantus in southern Africa look down on the !Kung and other indigenous people, whom the world knows as “Bushmen”. Saudi Arabs refer to Egyptian Arabs as “dogs”. I, a white male, am an ally of women and of non-whites who need to be appreciated for all the talents and skills they bring to the table.

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