We need less white teachers! (seriously, some people want that)

So apparently people have been protesting that 70% of all teachers are white. We shouldn’t deny non-white people jobs by any means, and those that do so should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, but at the same time whites make up about 60% of the population in this country, so naturally there would (probably) be more white teachers. When the ethnic percentages of Americans change, the frequency of x people working x jobs will change. I find this complaint incredibly racist, and hypocritical. It’s okay to be racist towards white people. I disagree.


What’s wrong with being white and a teacher? I’m white and a teacher. I get that it’s not proportional, but do you really think you get a better education if someone looks like you? You don’t. It’s possible to be racist towards white people, you know. Tit-for-tat can’t be a thing for Americans. No “how do you like it?!”

It holds us all back. You’re asking for segregation. Apparently it’s different if you choose to do it to yourself though. Your anger is going against everything your grandparents fought for. Want change? Become a teacher.


But go ahead. Deny teaching jobs to people who have less melanin in their skin than you do, because it’s somehow different. Why don’t you start hiring women over men in male dominated work places too! (Which is practically all of them) It’s only fair since we are oppressed too, right? A male teacher wouldn’t teach girls as well as a woman could, they couldn’t relate because he has a better chance than us! (sarcasm.)


Teachers are abused in general. You work too hard and get paid too little. You even end up buying most of your own supplies. The average teacher spends almost $1,000 a YEAR on their own supplies. Less people are choosing to become teachers. That’s one reason why. “The abuse thing.”

They can’t legally discriminate on the grounds of race. If you don’t get the job assume that you didn’t get picked because of what you offered in the interview, NOT because you’re [blank]. You can be a shit teacher regardless of what you are. Anyone who goes to public school knows that.

“New Orleans Needs More Black Teachers and Knows it. Why is Progress So Slow”


One thought on “We need less white teachers! (seriously, some people want that)

  1. I was one of 20 people who were fired as Principals, by the Navajo Nation, in 1999, because the then-President wanted to have more Native Americans running schools. When a qualified, upstanding Navajo was found to replace me, he lasted two years. Then, someone found an excuse to get rid of him. There were six subsequent Principals at that school, in five years. The answer lies in competency, never in quotas.

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