My thoughts regarding today’s atrocity.

Americans are so callous and violent they shame me as an American and as a human being on a regular basis. Take Sandyhook ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Americans didn’t care enough about murdered children to take steps to make it harder for monsters like these — And they aren’t about to care about LGBT people now. That’s the evil world we live in.

He got two assault rifle type guns LEGALLY in what, a week and a half? Where was his supposed in depth background check? Why didn’t his father do the right thing and report his son? He’s been quoted saying that he knew his son was “leaning that way,” (joining ISIS) for some time. IMO that makes him just as responsible, if not more so. You may love your child, but you also have the responsibility to do the right thing. 50 people. Around 100 people killed or injured in a matter of minutes. (Sorry, ball parking it, I don’t remember the total amount)

How many hundreds, or even thousands of people have been directly affected by this? Family. Friends. Coworkers. Neighbors. Indirectly, the city and the state are shaken. The nation is shocked. And Trump is busy congratulating himself on, as quoted, “being right” about Muslims. Might as well try to incite a riot. Like he gives a shit about LGBT people anyway.

ISIS does this on purpose. If they can purposely make life harder for their fellow Muslims, especially in other countries where they are a minority, they can trick violent individuals, usually men who are sick of the prejudice they face and are too naive or stupid to realize they are being manipulated by the very people they are pledging undying loyalty to.

Mass shooters tend to commit suicide before we can learn more about their psychological sickness. At least serial killers are narcissistic enough to brag about their exploits to police so we were better able to learn about them and what makes them do the monstrous things they did/do.

In regards to it being an American terrorist against other Americans…that is the biggest disrespect for the nation that provides you with the quality of life, education, health and opportunities you have. That they are your people, even if you think otherwise.

Yes, he probably faced persecution, and vastly disproportional inequality, but legally he has more protection than he would in other countries. So do LGBT people, as is clearly seen. He doesn’t face the threat of a public execution on a daily basis for being different. You don’t respond with terrorism EVER. For Christ’s sake, he was furious at a gay couple he saw MONTHS after it happened.

I wonder if he was deeeeeeeeeeep in the closet and responded to his struggle with his own sexuality with extreme violence. Perhaps his community and family and friends would have ostracized him and he was probably afraid of going to their version of perdition. Perhaps in his eyes he thought ISIS was his only chance at “redemption” in the eyes of God. He had to have had a deeper reason for doing this other than hatred. LGBT people made him feel vulnerable for some reason.

This is what hatred does to people.

One thought on “My thoughts regarding today’s atrocity.

  1. You have it nailed, Saoirse.

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