Game of Thrones finale conjecture on Jon Snow’s parentage (SPOILERS)

=======Who’s JON SNOW’S dad?=======

Rhaegar is heavily implied, and since the Targaryens were exterminated save two (minus secret Snow) it would make sense for them to hunt down possible heirs, just like they did with Dany and her brother. Just like the Lannisters did to Robert’s zillions of bastards after he died.

Rhaegar was married, but he still crowned Lyanna the queen of love and beauty over his wife after a jousting tournament, which is exactly what Henry VIII did to Catherine of Aragon when he was pursuing Anne  Boleyn. George R. R. Martin frequently makes references to IRL history. Rhaegar then staged a “kidnapping,” which both parties were in on. Same thing happened with Dermot MacMurrough and another king’s wife, Dervil.

My assumption is that Lyanna didn’t love her betrothed, Robert, back and similarly Rhaegar didnt love his Dornish wife. I think they had a forbidden romance. My only question is…why doesn’t Jon look anything like a Targaryen? I don’t think IRL gene rules apply (dark hair being a dominant gene) to a family like that. Why would Stark blood be so strong? If Dany is fire then Jon is ice. Herp, A Song of Ice and Fire 😛😛😛😛

There is the possibility that Robert already knew about the pregnancy and that’s why he claimed she was raped. Maybe he couldn’t handle the thought that she would reject him. Maybe his love blinded him.

Ned is so gung ho about responsibility that he would, and did, honor his promise no matter what. Not even to spare his wife, whom he loved, a great deal of pain. Not even to spare his nephew a lifetime of pain and rejection.

To me all this makes sense and fits together.


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