BULLSHIT: Gun shop cancels planned raffle of AR-15 rifle to benefit Orlando victims.

Gun shop cancels planned raffle of AR-15 rifle to benefit Orlando victims

This is why gun control is needed in this country — not the absence of guns — but more laws to OWN one. If you’re not a criminal you don’t need to worry about passing the background check. If you don’t think you’ll pass you shouldn’t have one. Go cry about it. Oh wait, you are.

You don’t give a fucking AR-15 rifle away in a $5 RAFFLE. THIS is responsible gun ownership? GIVING away an AR-15?! That’s gun CARELESSNESS is what it is.

/meme “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore”

This is one of many reasons why the rest of the world thinks of us as barbarous, stupid and backwards.

Pretty embarrassing for a first world country, really. I know I am.
Let’s go ahead and give a weapon that can kill 50-100+ people before police even have time to respond…

That’s fucking idiotic. Let’s give ANYONE who buys a ticket a weapon DESIGNED TO MOW DOWN HUMANS EN MASSE. Seriously?

There is absolutely no reason a civilian needs one of these in place of another gun. You may want one so your penis/female equivalent (boobs?) feels huge, but that isn’t something the rest of the country needs to pay for with their lives. But YOU think that. Now THAT is materialism at its finest. You know it puts the country in danger and do it anyway.
You’re not in a civil war, you’re not in a video game and you’re not in a post-apocalyptic dystopian society…you don’t need an AR-15 at home. Get out of your damn fantasy.

I hear that bullshit “You need a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun” …and what good would have that done at that dance club? Be realistic. His rifle would have over powered anything you brought “for protection.” Do you really think you’d have a shot at saving everyone with a hand gun? If you think otherwise you’ve played too many FPS games and have seen too many movies. Owning one doesn’t make you a bad ass. Especially with a gun. You may fancy yourself a maverick, but you’re not one.

He would have mowed your gun toting ass down before you could even raise your arm. What does this mean? No, don’t give EVERYONE an AR-15…you give LESS of them. If that terrorist ONLY had a hand gun, maybe a good guy with a gun COULD have taken them down. That wasn’t the case. That’s ALL of our FAULTS.

We failed collectively, even if he WAS a terrorist. Our pride gave him the tools he needed to do his deed. Look how many have paid the price for our arrogance. More people will too. There will be more shootings. More murders. More children killed before they even had a chance to live. Women raped at gun point. You won’t be there to save these people with your AR-15 rifle…the monster will though.

Where were you when they needed you, superheroes? Stuffing your fat ass while watching The Biggest Loser? Let’s be realistic.

You don’t give more nukes to warring countries, you make it harder for countries to obtain them. The same thing needs to happen with guns and criminals. Too bad people care more about money/things than their own people…and then scream at us and call us “traitors” when we become disillusioned with our OWN people? We’re not united. We’re divided. Some of us are willing to kill over it. He did.

It wasn’t made hard for him. He was on the terrorist watch list, but did anyone care? Not until 50 people died and another 50ish were injured and everyone was scarred for life. NOW you care? You don’t get to pretend now.

You didn’t care.

If you DID care you wouldn’t think it was a good idea to rub salt in the wounds of the victims and re-victimize them under the guise of trying to help them via “charity”…no you’re not. You want publicity for the store. You got it. You want to talk to the press. You did. The only way to salvage the backlash was to cancel it. Well, you know what? Too fucking late. If it was your parent, lover, sibling, friend that night, I bet you’d have a more realistic perspective on the ease in which high powered firearms are obtained.

If you don’t want gun abolishment, fight for regulation instead. If you don’t fight for regulation then you really will get straight up abolishment eventually. Think about that.

And you’ll have no one but yourselves to blame.

2 thoughts on “BULLSHIT: Gun shop cancels planned raffle of AR-15 rifle to benefit Orlando victims.

  1. buddy71 says:

    as a gun owner (gasp) I see no need for anyone to own an assault weapon. they were designed for the military and not for any other place.
    there are a few places around the country that have laws about how one can purchase and how many one can purchase at one time, ammo for a gun. but there are really no controls or checks on ammo. hello!? someone buying boxes and boxes and boxes of ammo should be checked. here in California, I cant buy an antihistamine without showing and logging in my id info and I can only buy a certain amount and have to wait a certain amount of time before I can buy more. why? because people that sell drugs use it as a filler for meth. I haven’t heard of Sudafed doing any mass killings. sigh.

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