Blown tailight = Opportunity for a corrupt cop to murder an innocent man. Aren’t they supposed to be our finest? If so, what does that say about us?

Minn. governor says race played role in fatal police shooting during traffic stop

This is why innocent people fear the police. Not all cops are like this, but enough of them are that they’ve shattered America’s trust. It’s up to them to earn it back. Only criminals should be afraid of the police. Instead most of us are. Not all white people are racist, but enough are that everyone needs to fight against the racist people (non-violently) so more of them don’t spawn in the gutters.

If cops want the average person to stop looking at them in suspicious, fearful and apprehensive glances you can start by weeding out cops like this and throwing the trash into prisons to serve their time for whatever crimes they’re guilty of. Like murdering someone in cold blood. Like raping a woman. We’re supposed to run to you when we’re made the victims. We shouldn’t have to fear being victimized further. We’d love you for that. We’d begin to trust you again.

I get that there is a bond people working in dangerous jobs have, but this is justice. Justice you’ve sworn to uphold. If you’re a police officer you have a duty to protect us. Who is going to protect us from yourselves? You have to. If we do we’re criminals.

Criminal cops also need to be made examples of. If you uphold the law you have more of an obligation to follow the law to a T than the average citizen. You lead by example. You don’t give them paid leave when they murder someone. You don’t give them a slap on the wrist. You fucking judicially crucify them to show America and the world that NO ONE is allowed to be this way. Especially those that protect us.
Unfortunately this is what I’ve begun to expect from America.
They took a naive child’s trust and love and smashed it into bits that has left me confused and angry. I realized a great deal of my morals ran country to much of the country. I dislike feeling like I need to fight (protest) America to protect Americans. I know a lot of other people who feel the same way. Where is the free America we were promised in school?

This isn’t America, this is a joke. I am continually bereaved about what America has “become”…but it has been this way since before my great grandparents were even born…

Even my great, great, great grandparents…it was like this even before my ancestors came here.

You can’t love your country and believe you’re free just because they tell you you are. That’s naive. If even one group of people in this country are suppressed by what they are then you’re not free. Black people are not free. Women are not free. Latinos are not free. LGBT people are not free. Poor people are not free. The uneducated are not free. We’re all vulnerable targets to the wrong person with a badge and a gun.

In every situation in the world love is earned in some fashion. Your country needs to earn it. It needs to earn mine back. The people need to earn it from each other. We hate each other. So many of us are more than willing to get violent when they’re told they can’t be so violent and hateful. They’ll murder and rape just to prove that they have the right to. Or at least they think they do. For Christ’s sake…responsible gun control is being met with violence. Which even further illustrates what’s wrong with us.

Loyalty is one thing, but love is another. Be loyal to your home. Be loyal to your people. But patriotism is earned. Until this shit changes, I don’t have a strong reason to be in love with us. Our thoughts are not indicative of a modern first world’s. Half of us seem to be stuck in a very violent past and making sure it stays that way in the present and the future.


2 thoughts on “Blown tailight = Opportunity for a corrupt cop to murder an innocent man. Aren’t they supposed to be our finest? If so, what does that say about us?

  1. buddy71 says:

    we only hear about the bad things as that is what the media feels is important ans it sells. but, for all the bad incidents there must be more good things but we just dont hear about them as it is really “news”
    i wonder how many “broken tail lights” of white people get stopped by the cops???

  2. A cordon of BLM people stood in protection of the police, in, I beleive, St. Louis. The tendency of some to squirm, and to shout, “Hey, white people get harassed, too”, is not going to resolve this issue. The fact is, we all need to step back and realize how our attitudes are affecting the redress of real grievances. If we are not big enough, as people, to ask, “What can I do to actually make everyone’s lives better?”, then we have no complaint about the moral squalour in which we find ourselves as a nation.
    Saoirse, you have asked tough, but necessary, questions.

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