King Richard III: A (possibly) false smear campaign doesn’t a good king make. Finding his body doesn’t make him a good man either.

I love reading about English royalty, those ruthless bastards changed so much of the world, it’s fascinating. Today’s thoughts are on the notorious King Richard III.

I don’t doubt that Richard got a smear campaign from the Tudors, they conquered Richard’s house and took the crown. But did he kidnap his nephews and have them killed? They’d want to make sure it sounded as legit as possible. Add in the vastly misunderstood (at the time) spinal condition scoliosis, and you have a nice picture of an Igor looking devil. It should be noted that Shakespeare, who wrote Richard III, wrote it for a Tudor queen.

However, I don’t believe he was necessarily a good man either, despite the post-death smear campaign and distasteful way his corpse was treated after falling to a flurry of blows. From what I read it sounded like a hack fest.

No one plays the royalty game with morality in line. In fact, it’s probably impossible to climb the ladder any other way. Politics in any form tend to be ruthless. You have to be ruthless to make a noble house in the first place, even more so to keep it. Much more to take a throne.

I believe both (probably)weren’t shining examples of men and abandoned the morality their faith demanded for a shiny chair, tons of women and lots of power, but I do think Richard III got a bad post death PR.

So far as the prince’s in the tower? Years ago I read that the skeletons of two boys (I think at the base of the white tower in the Tower of London) of what appeared to be about the right ages and possibly from the correct time.

Unfortunately (I guess) they’ve been properly buried and exhuming the skeletons would be considered distasteful to many. However, I think a DNA test would solve the mystery. I think giving them an undoubted identity brings them more honor than anonymity, but that’s just me.


One thought on “King Richard III: A (possibly) false smear campaign doesn’t a good king make. Finding his body doesn’t make him a good man either.

  1. Corpses have been disinterred for far less reason. it would serve the people of England, and all humanity, really, to know the truth of the matter. Yes, none of the Tudors were any better than the Plantagenets.

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