My little rant about anti-Pokemon Go! people…

I hate that a few dumb people doing idiotic things such as walking into traffic or trespassing on a person’s property have tainted Pokemon Go. Judgey people who don’t even know what Pokemon are get prejudiced against it when a very small portion of the Pokemon community pulls some dumb assery and got themselves or others hurt.

Even back in the late 90s, parents/old people that don’t understand video games/haters got this way when a very small amount (relative to total number of fans who are children) of Japanese children had seizures while playing the game or watching a certain episode of the show which has never been re-released since the apparent mass seizing of something like 700+ children at roughly the same time. That’s straight fucked up and phenomenal, but I said a small amount in a relative sense. Out of millions of Japanese Poké-children it was only a minority that had a negative reaction. It’s worth noting that some of those cases were dismissed because the children already had seizure disorders that were triggered by photo-sensitivity.

That’s on the parents, not Pokemon. Just another classic example of parents refusing to admit they made a mistake that ended up hurting their children. “It’s not my fault! It’s the evil video games and that demonic pikachu!”

I ask you, how is this any different from texting while driving? You’re not paying attention. You’re distracted. You’ve made the choice about what’s most important at that particular moment in time. You paid the consequence. It’s the same thing with Pokemon Go.

Again, you’re distracted. You’re not paying attention. You’ve made your choice about what’s most important at that particular moment in time. You chose that Snorlax over paying attention to the four way stop. You paid the consequence. You victimized everyone involved and you only have yourself to blame, not Pokemon. Most of us won’t get hurt by anything more dangerous than a street sign, if we even walk into it.

When a teen texts and drives and gets into an accident, who or what do we blame? The distracted driver. What do we demand? Not an end to texting entirely, no! We call to an end to texting while DRIVING, like logical people. People driving while catching Pokemon or doing similarly stupid, stupid, things aren’t any worse than those who text while driving. Both have decided to put their and everyone elses lives in danger because they think something other than paying attention to the road is more important.

If you don’t like Pokemon then fine, that’s your right, but don’t ruin it for the millions of us who find pure joy in it.



2 thoughts on “My little rant about anti-Pokemon Go! people…

  1. rushmorejudd says:

    It’s getting people outside, walking, making the streets safer, Seems like mostly good things to me.

    • You’re totally right. How long until a bunch of “Pokémon losers” prevent a kidnapping because so many people are out and about? People won’t be talking as much smack then.

      Some people just won’t let people enjoy anything popular. Most people that hate it don’t know the deeper levels of Pokémon. It’s way more than just fighting. It’s about encouraging people to form strong bonds. (The franchise that is)

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