Victory for women, and the human race.

Love her or hate her no one can deny (thought they’ll try) how much she’s done for women, even if many of us don’t know it yet. If she does become president I’ll be very proud as a woman and will look forward to seeing the last bastions of Stone Age sexism crumble into dust.

I am not blinded by my eagerness to finally see a woman president though, a minority president doesn’t mean she’ll be a good president, but I’m willing to listen and to watch. I’m NOT willing to give Trump the benefit of a doubt, I WILL give it to her though. That’s because she has some aspects of her to respect and admire. If anything, it will be proof that we can do it too. It will take down that wall. It will be a social victory.

People probably didn’t see this because too many men still feel threatened by feminism. It’s not only disdainfully pathetic, but it’s also tragic that they’ve blinded themselves. Normal men would feel happy about how far we’ve come. How we’ve done this ourselves.

No evolved, self respecting male would feel threatened by the feminist movement unless he himself were also a vile sexist. Easier to fuck us and then put us in the place they say is ours, right? There are sexists and there are normal people. There are male allies (normal people) and monsters (sexists)


One thought on “Victory for women, and the human race.

  1. Every woman, everywhere, has the right to work at realizing her dreams- no matter who thinks otherwise.

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