American Fury Addiction?

All I can conclude is that fury is a large part of American culture. We like to incite ourselves. Americans likes to be mad. Those that don’t sometimes get killed by those that do. (Think of the people that promoted social equality…MLK, JFK, RFK…assassinated)

Any excuse, any topic and their self righteous anger comes out. It’s a major flaw with us. We look for racism, sexism and LGBT-phobia because there is still much of it to fight, but we also force it into places where it potentially isn’t and become just as hateful against the oppressors…even those that aren’t but just so happen to have the same color/gender/sexuality as the oppressors. That’s wrong.

Hating anyone based on something they’re born with is inherently wrong. To think of any of those things as weak or flawed is wrong.
Those of us that find ourselves in a minority of some fashion are actually very strong. Hatred made us that way. However, perpetuating hatred ourselves makes us weak, even just as pathetic as the hate mongers that are actually out there. Look for allies, not only enemies.

This BS creates more of the same hatred instead of neutralizing it. And more. And more. It’s a cancer we’re not cutting out. There are many racial/gender/LGBT issues to combat, but it’s not everywhere.

There are enlightened Caucasians, men, and heterosexuals out there as well and they aren’t in any small amount. I know more non-racist/sexist/LGBT-phobic people than people against them. Let’s all come together and squash it.

We need to stop trying to make people into something they may not be just because “paranoid victims” jump at shadows. There are plenty of real social issues to fight in this country without exacerbating them and creating more. There is an old adage that says hate begets more hate. And it’s true.

Just love and support each other. Try to understand. Want to learn. Work towards a common goal. It is only then that we’ll lose our self righteous anger problem. Unfortunately, you have to fight to obtain peace…but you don’t have to be verbally or physically violent to achieve it. Be an honorable presence in your community.

One thought on “American Fury Addiction?

  1. This is so well put. I have survived, without fisticuffs or blog wars, for nearly 66 years, not by exacerbating matters, but by seeking common ground. Everyone has a kernel of the truth. Of course, we must take a hard, firm line against abusive behaviour, but that’s a whole different topic.

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